• Service Center & Ski rental •


Since 2016

At the Hotel Alpina on the Forststrasse 126


Since A2S-Sports Logo bw 2004

• Service Center & Ski rental •

IIn our service center, newly opened in 2016, there is also a ski rental in which you can rent the same ski equipment as in our main store.

We also have a small selection of up-to-date ski helmets, goggles, caps and gloves in the service center. So you do not necessarily have to go to the main store.

Since A2S-Sports Logo bw 2004

• Service Center •

At A2S-Sports all skis will be prepared after the return on our Wintersteiger Discovery. The edges are sanded and the flooring is freshly waxed and, if necessary, also repaired.

In our service center, we also match your ski boots to your individual needs by expanding / shrinking in the oven or by expressing or milling out bruises. Whether you are a racer or not

Smaller repairs, such as the replacement of buckles or boosters, we also do just fine for you in the service center.

Since A2S-Sports Logo bw 2004

• Ski rental •

In the ski rental of the service center, we offer you the same equipment as in our main business, in case the right ski is not on site, we will deliver it, if this allows us time within a few minutes of the main business.

You can book your favorite ski from the comfort of your own home, just click on the A2S Easy Rent Button. You can also have a personal offer sent to us.

Since A2S-Sports Logo bw 2004

• Sport & Fashion •

In the service center we also offer you an assortment of gloves, helmets and ski goggles. However, you can only find the entire fashion assortment in our main store.